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Built on the rock, the Villa Fiorita Hotel is a typical Taormina residence of the early '900.The unique architecture on several levels, framed by terraces, stone stairs and gardens, makes the structure unique in its kind.

From every corner of the villa, climbing up the exterior stairs, the view is lost in the sea expanse that lays the beaches below to gaze at the coast of Calabria that shows beautifully on the clear and sunny days.

The Roman Tomb

Inside the villa, close to one of the many terraces, is the entrance to a Roman tomb of the second century AD. , Known in reference literature as "La Guardiola". Magically preserved over time, it is still now the subject of study by experts and visitors from all over the world.

The pool

The panoramic pool was built on a flowered terrace to give you all the moments of relaxation you will want to treat yourself to.